Tuesday, January 17, 2012


To Prosper. Blossom. To make steady progress.
To grow vigorously.  Roaring.

Thrive. God’s challenge to me to live like I believe He meant what He said. Not merely surviving. Not just living. When the word first entered my brain in a journal entry, I immediately looked it up. I love the definition(s) for this word. Because I am at a point when God is daring me to stop just ‘getting by’. I think that’s an easy place for Christians to land sometimes, but I don’t want to coast.
Making steady progress… this is a year of forward motion, which I believe begins with my falling facedown to the ground. It’s funny because usually when one thinks of growth, you sort of think up and out. But in this crazy, upside-down kingdom of God, my growing depends on my getting low, my willingness to bare all my weakness and confessing that I desperately need him. And I do. In my weakness, his strength is shown all the more perfect.
So that’s it. Thrive. To not just grow, but to grow well~ to flourish. Push past these self-imposed walls and bust out with God-eyes to move and see… to feel. To become more than I could ever be alone. I'm still sort of figuring out what this will look like in action, but I can't get the word itself out of my mind. Do you have a word for 2012?

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