Thursday, February 9, 2012

the one in which I freak out about cookies...

Well, lovelies, I have never claimed to be anything less than crazy about cookies. And I love the idea of making decorated cookies that are gorgeous. But until today I have never found the right frosting/icing. Until today. This is a big day for me. Believe me, I've tried them all, and hard as I tried, I never found the right combination of consistency, sheen, drying, plus the all important taste. Sweet things, I am seriously flipping out.

Look at these beauties!! Somehow from Pinterest (of course) I stumbled upon The Decorated Cookie. I pinned some of her work, but then I began digging around on her site and saw that she had recipes for Chocolate Sugar Cookies, which appeared interesting. And then I saw her recipe for what she calls 'Royal Icing (sort of)' and I was intrigued. Let me just say that this recipe is INCREDIBLE. The combination of ingredients is perfection. You can find the recipes here!
Lined up and waiting to be given to my Bible Study Girls!

Like this is so much perfection that I selfishly had the thought for a moment of not sharing it with you and making beautiful cookies that I could sell for a million dollars a piece. (Yeah, had to ask forgiveness for that right away, sorry!) Okay, so I'm totally gushing. But that's it... try it, I think you'll love it! And I'm also betting that you'll be seeing tons of cookies coming out of this kitchen... Happy Thursday!

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