Thursday, March 22, 2012

Better Writer Day 13~ Vox Vocis

Welcome back, sweet things! Thanks for hanging with me as I work through this series! I'm finding the challenges great for this overworked brain!  Today's Challenge is two-fold: First I am supposed to choose five words to describe my (writing) voice or what I know of my voice. Then take two or three excerpts of my work and see how it matches up with my voice or ways that I could improve. I know it's often easy to fall into the trap of wanting to 'sound' like someone else whose words impress us... I hope to really carve out my own voice and be true to myself!

Okay, so words that I would use to describe my voice:
~Sweet (sometimes a bit too drippy and Southern for my own good?)
~Superfluous (I find myself using too many flowery adjectives to describe things and have to edit!)

So this post, 'Reclaim', is one that I'm proud of and think really defines my style. I feel like this post sounds like the real me having a conversation with a friend over coffee. I think I could have used more paragraph breaks, the first especially was a little long, but I don't think I said too much.

This second post, 'Today', is another one that I think reflects a style that's personal to me. It's different from the first in that it almost begins like poetry. It's simple to read and I think my point was clear.

There are many posts in my last few years here that I'm sure don't sound like me... couldn't narrow that list down. But I'm thankful that I'm starting to feel like I'm carving out my place, finding my own voice among the many, and feeling like my voice is a valid one. I think I have long lacked confidence and tried to be someone else, but God is showing me that if He asks me to say something, He wants my voice to say it! This has been a great exercise!

I would love your thoughts here~ critiques welcome!

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