Thursday, March 29, 2012

Better Writer Day 18~ Limits

Happy Thursday! Today's assignment is to write within the boundaries of a word count, 300 to be exact, about our favorite holiday. I've got to say, that as the consumate rule-follower, I appreciate such boundaries. I sort of love being told what to do... (don't tell my mom!).

I have a hard time choosing a favorite holiday. Right now each comes with a different kind of awe and wonder given the ages of Remy and Halle. It seems that with each new set of decorations comes new excitement about what will happen. But, again because I like following the directives I've been given, I guess I would choose Valentine's Day as my favorite.

I am a girly girl. And I know last month I talked about it here on my blog, but I can fully stand behind any holiday that boasts pink & red as its colors of choice and is all about love. I also really appreciate that there isn't some elf, fairy, mad man in a velvet suit that society wants me to lie about to my little ones. So our home became a pink and red haven for the month of February, and Trace couldn't complain too much because it was all in the name of Love, right?! We cut doily hearts, finger painted heart handprints, I crocheted heart garland to hang, and we filled hurricanes with red & pink candy corn and red candles... perfection!

And I could go on and ON about the food! Not that I ever need a reason to bake, we do it every day around here, but Valentine's Day treats flaunt decadence and chocolate, and that is totally speaking my love language!

Bottom line was that in all the love talk, it made a great transition to talk with the littles about how we treat people. How we show love, and how Jesus came and loved us in a way that no one ever had or could. Love. The greatest of these... why not celebrate that?

** And just in case anyone is checking, without the intro paragraph, which I totally don't count because it's not the actual post (ahem...), I'm at 287**

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