Thursday, March 8, 2012

Better Writer Day 3~ Extrapolate


City Streets on a rainy day in Dunedin, New Zealand
Photo courtesy of Mr. ThinkTank

Today's challenge is to write about the picture above. And the point is to focus, to focus on a small part of the bigger picture and draw a story from it. Extrapolate. Because so often our minds are spinning with ideas, content, and words that we can't pull out the story that we need to tell. I really like that word.

I'm thinking of the creative soul that must live in that third house on the left. You see it there? I remember a crayon from my younger years called 'Purple Mountain's Majesty', and I wonder who might live in a house so bold. And the turquoise trim and green yellow window? She's an artist, but not the painting kind- the kind who creates Life wherever she goes. And walking down this street, mother, holding hand of skipping toddler, carrying her canvas bags full of fresh picks from the farmers' market just around the corner, she's singing. Her silly song is about the rain falling on her sweet baby girls lashes as they carry their day's finds home to sort. You can bet that her littles will be out puddle-stomping just after school. That purple house and the family in it is life to a street like this.  I've lived near streets like this. I love the windows and the porches, places to gather, and the sweet popsicle-stained kids that run and laugh in the summer. Majesty house draws to it all the life and hands out lemonade... Life, like color, draws.

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