Monday, May 23, 2011

Miscellany Monday~ Yippee!!

Well, contrary to most, I LOVE Mondays! I know I've bragged about this before, but it's still true. Trace takes Mondays off, and so it tends to be a great, get-things-done-around-the-house kind of day.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

~In a strange twist (no thanks to fate, all the glory to God!) I actually finished most of my Monday to-do list on Sunday. I'm truly not sure how it happened, but I finished all the laundry and some of the cleaning yesterday. All that's left is to get my 'fake house' ready to host our Fusion group tonight, and as this is our last meeting, I've quit trying so hard to make things spotless. I am so thankful that God has put such wonderful friends in our life whom I know won't judge whether or not I have dust on picture frames! *that being said, I will probably go and dust... they won't judge, but now that I've mentioned it, it will probably make me crazy.

~T-ball is going great, and I am so proud of Remy. We haven't had an actual game yet, but he's been doing well at practices and participating. And he looks so cute in the little get-up with the hat, cleats, and mitt! Pictures are tonight- praying it doesn't rain!

~I am so excited to share with y'all about some huge ministry stuff that we have coming up, in fact, I could burst! More details to come, but remember how I said I dreamed about going to Africa? Yeah, it's that big...

~After posting last week about my Granny's pecan pie, I started digging up more passed-down recipes. Yesterday I made my other Grandma's Chocolate Cobbler, and it was sinfully good. I didn't take a picture because, frankly, it's not the most beautiful dessert, but it tasted like heaven! I'll try to post the recipe this week~ you're going to love it!

~Purging. I'm getting things around for a garage sale next weekend and listing bigger items on Craigslist. We just have so much. I listed our double stroller on Saturday, and 4 hours later it was sold. I love that! The hardest part is that while exhuming things from the deep, dark places in the littles' rooms, they see them and exclaim 'I was just looking for that!'. Every single time. (sigh) We're trying to teach them about excess and giving, but it's so hard. I'm ready for this to be over. I love the results from a good garage sale, but I hate the execution...

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